Examiner Considers Forum’s Plan

In accordance with the relevant legislation, South Tyneside Council has appointed an examiner to review the neighbourhood plan. The examiner is expected to question aspects of the plan and may ask for changes to be made before it goes to referendum.

Keep up to date with developments, documents are shared via the council website.

The Forum formally responded to the Examiner’s questions:

Forum’s response to questions

Annex 1a map in response to Q3

Annex 1b views referenced on map

In response to questions / comments from the examiner additional documents have also been produced:

EBNF Summary of Car Parking Responses from March 2019 Consultation
Nexus Survey
Council Parking standards SPD6 Adopted 28 December 2010
Reply to Examiner – Parking Standards EB22 and EB23

South Tyneside Council has also provided their own response:

LPA response

Annex 1 – Map of sites referred to in rep 136