EB23: Residential parking standards

Residential development proposals creating additional residential units must provide an adequate level of parking for residents and visitors.  Communal car parking provision for houses should be avoided and it is expected that residential parking will be provided within the curtilage of the dwelling.  The following minimum standards will apply:

  1. One bedroom dwellings must provide one off street parking space;
  2. Two and three bedroom dwellings must provide two off street parking spaces;
  3. Four or more bedroom dwellings must provide three off street parking spaces;
  4. Where garages are to be included as an off street parking space, the following minimum internal dimensions should apply:
    • Single garages: 3 metres wide by 6 metres deep;
    • Double garages: 5.7 metres wide by 6 metres deep;
  5. In the case of flatted developments, such as apartment blocks or retirement homes, communal parking will need to accommodate visitor parking and where applicable, parking for staff. Where communal, unallocated off-street parking is provided for eight or more such dwellings, the minimum standard for two bedroom dwellings and above may be reduced by one space per four dwellings depending on parking capacity in the local area;
  6. Parking provision for specialist housing, such as care homes or supported living, may require a lower level of resident and higher level of visitor parking depending on the nature of the provision. The level of parking provision will be agreed in discussion with the highway authority;
  7. As a minimum, one visitor parking space must be provided per two dwellings.  This can be provided on or off street and restricted to visitor parking or car share clubs butmust be distributed evenly across the site to provide easy access to all dwellings.