EB17: Local green space

The following areas, as defined on the policies map, are designated as local green space and will be protected from development as a result of their particular local significance or community value:

LGS01   Grange Park;

LGS02   Glencourse/ Burnside;

LGS03   Victoria Allotments, South Lane;

LGS04   Cemetery, Dipe Lane;

LGS05   War memorial and garden, Front Street;

LGS06   Land adjacent to St George’s Church, Front Street;

LGS07   Cricket, squash and archery grounds, Newcastle Road;

LGS08   Boldon Lawn Tennis Club;

LGS09  Land to the south of New Road and Tileshead Lane;

LGS10  Mundles Lane Play Area.


Inappropriate development on land designated as local green space will only be permitted where very special circumstances can be demonstrated in accordance with national Green Belt policy.

Green spaces are a vital part of a vibrant and healthy community and are of great importance  to the character and identity of a place. They are valued for a wide range of reasons including: visual amenity; historic significance; recreational value; tranquillity; and richness of wildlife.
Uncontrolled changes to green spaces can irrevocably alter their special character or intrinsic value.

The NPPF enables neighbourhood plans to designate areas of local green space for special protection, thereby preventing development on these sites other than in very special circumstances. These spaces do not need to be publicly accessible but must be in reasonably close proximity to the community they serve as well as being demonstrably special to them, holding a particular local significance. The designation cannot be applied to an extensive track of land.

The sites listed in policy EB17 and shown on the policies map are proposed to be designated as local green spaces as they meet the criteria set out within national policy and guidance. A background paper has been prepared to outline the reasons why the sites are of particular importance to the local community and to explain the process that led to their proposed designation. The designation of the sites will assist with the delivery of plan objectives 1, 2, 3 and 6.