EB2: General location of new development

The map above outlines the proposed East Boldon settlement boundary.

Policy EB2 seeks to promote sustainable development, the focus of development across East Boldon will be within the East Boldon Settlement Boundary, as defined on the policies map.

Land outside the settlement boundary lies within the Green Belt, therefore development proposals will be assessed against national Green Belt policy.

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EB 1: Sustainable development

A presumption in favour of sustainable development will be exercised in the determination of development proposals.

In seeking to ensure that development is sustainable, it will be necessary to demonstrate, where appropriate, how the development would:

  1. Make efficient and effective use of land, by encouraging the re-use of previously developed land and buildings where possible;
  2. Minimise the impact and mitigate the likely effects of climate change, including flood risk;
  3. Minimise any impact on amenity for new and existing residents, business and other land uses in the vicinity of the proposed development;
  4. Protect or enhance the significance of heritage assets and their settings;
  5. Support the health and well-being of the local community;
  6. Ensure the quality of the biodiversity and natural environment is maintained and enhanced;
  7. Accord with the principles set out within the East Boldon Design Code and other relevant documents such as Building for a Healthy Life;
  8. Address contamination or land instability issues;
  9. Ensure that all infrastructure necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms is either in place or can be provided prior to the development being brought into use; or
  10. Meet the needs identified in the East Boldon Housing Needs Assessment.

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