EB13: The delivery of new housing

The delivery of new market and affordable housing will be supported where it is located within the settlement boundary on sites that are not allocated for other usesand it complies with the relevant policies within the development plan.  In addition, as a minimum, new dwellings must be built in accordance with the Nationally Described Space Standards or equivalent successor standards.

All new development proposals for the delivery of ten or more residential dwellings or on sites of 0.5 hectares or more must be informed by a comprehensive masterplan to be prepared in consultation with the East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum and the local community.

As a minimum the masterplan must include details of:

  1. The phasing of the proposed development;
  2. Housing mix and how this meets identified local needs as identified by an up to date housing needs assessment;
  3. How the development makes the best and most efficient use of land and buildings;
  4. The density of the development, illustrating how this reflects surrounding development;
  5. Design considerations, to ensure the development demonstrates high quality design, reflecting the character of its immediate surroundings and reflecting the principles set out within the East Boldon Design Code;
  6. Compliance with Building for a Healthy Life, or successor documents;
  7. Parking provision, ensuring this does not exacerbate current parking issues in the wider area;
  8. Highways access to the site and the impact of the proposals on the highway network;
  9. Pedestrian linkages through the site, including how opportunities for sustainable travel will be embedded within the development;
  10. A landscape framework for the site, addressing matters such as green infrastructure, open spaces and relationship with the Green Belt beyond the site;
  11. How flooding and drainage considerations have informed the overall site design;
  12. Opportunities to enhance biodiversity; and
  13. Any mitigation measures required as a result of the development.

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EB14: Housing mix

The mix of housing types on new housing proposals should have regard to and be informed by evidence of housing needs, including the current East Boldon Housing Needs Assessment (2019) and South Tyneside Strategic Housing Market Assessment (2015) and any subsequent updates.  The only exception will be where the proposal is designed to meet a specific and identified housing need, which requires a particular type, format or tenure of housing.

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The Grange

EB15: Affordable housing

All new development of ten or more open market residential dwellings or on sites of 0.5 hectares or more, will be required to contribute to the provision of affordable housing.

The level and type of affordable housing to be delivered on each site will have regard to up to date evidence of affordable housing needs, including the current East Boldon Housing Needs Assessment (2019) and South Tyneside Strategic Housing Market Assessment (2015) and any subsequent updates.

There will be a presumption that the affordable housing contribution will be through the provision of affordable homes on the application site.  Off-site provision or a financial contribution will only be supported where this can be robustly justified and the following criteria can be met:

  1. Off-site provision must be on a site that is agreed as being in a suitable location relative to the housing need to be met. Such provision will be secured and controlled by a planning obligation to ensure that the affordable housing is delivered alongside the housing on the principal site; or
  2. Where a financial contribution to off-site provision of affordable housing is agreed as an alternative to direct provision on site, the sum will be calculated at a rate to be determined at the time of the application by the local planning authority. The contribution will be paid to the local planning authority on commencement of development and will be spent on the provision of affordable housing within the neighbourhood plan area.

Any development proposal which involves the provision of affordable housing at a level below that required under the terms of this policy will need to be justified by an independent viability assessment of the scheme costs and end values.  The assessment should be undertaken in accordance with the approach set out in national planning guidance.

The affordable housing provided in pursuit of this policy for rent, discount market sales housing, or where public grant funding is provided towards other affordable routes to home ownership, will be made available to people in housing need at an affordable sale or rental cost for the life of the property.  Any planning permission granted will be subject to appropriate conditions and/or planning obligations to secure:

  1. The amount and type of affordable housing;
  2. That the housing will be discounted at an appropriate level to ensure it is affordable by people identified as being in housing need; and
  3. A mechanism for the management of the new homes to ensure that the first and subsequent occupancies are restricted to people in housing need.

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